Space Portal

This site links to three unique sources of information and memorabilia from our nation’s space program.  Choose the link that suits you best or visit all three!  Enjoy

1.  For space history, CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy of Exploring-Space-Opening-New-Frontiers    As the author and copyright holder, I am granting you my formal approval to use this PDF copy as you see fit, with the only caveat that it may not be sold – however, it can be given away to whomever you would like.

Keep in mind that the bulk of the book is a compendium of historical facts, so it’s like an encyclopedia. The last sections may be more interesting because they describe key elements of living and working in space. In the digital version, the page of hot links can take you to resources for more information.  Enjoy!

Our goal is to provide information about our space history to as many people as possible so we don’t lose track of the many actions that took place during the time of Apollo.   

 2.   CLICK HERE to Take A Ride On A Digital RocketShop for “made in America” Space Memorabilia products, including one of a kind, Space Transportation System Collector’s Complete Coin Albums and other Space Collectables, such as minted coins & sets offered in bronze, antique bronze, cupronickel or aluminum.

3.  CLICK HERE to link to a wide variety of space -related portals providing information on  our military,  civil, and commercial space programs.